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We strive to develop and offer products and services that are innovative, high-quality and durable, to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations and needs. By building and nurturing long-term relationships with customers and suppliers, we aim to foster trust, loyalty and satisfaction.

We have a very strong belief in the importance of brand identity standards, dealing with and sourcing of legitimate, capable suppliers that deliver products and services to our clients at the best possible cost and quality.

Our ethical business principles ensures strong client relations, a valuable asset for any business looking to expand or nurture their client base.

We strive to excel at the challenge of new brand identity implementation and rebranding projects.

What we do

Berrydust Design is based in Cape Town, South Africa and offers corporate identity design, branding standards and project management services for signage implementation throughout the global market.

The owner, Patrick Cobb was a Senior Project Manager for Artelia (1994-2010), known then as ID Technologies and was, responsible for engineering design standards and numerous project roll-outs.

He joined the PCA Group (2010-2021) as the AME Country Manager and was responsible for all operational, project management and logistics requirements. This included engineering and maintenance design; corporate branding standards and guidelines; on-site installation; HSSE safety procedures and training programmes, to numerous fuel retail businesses across Africa and the Middle East.

As Regional Project Director for ACE Sign Group (2023-2024), he facilitated with a factory setup to support market growth and project implementation outside of China, specifically into Philippines for Shell and TotalEnergies for local production and Thailand for pilot site initiation and project rollout of the SUSCO/Sinopec joint venture project. He also provided assistance with engineering design and signage elements in the automotive market, including EV and banking modular buildings on retail forecourts.

All these years of knowledge and experience have broadened the services offered by Berrydust Design. Our company has supplied numerous markets through the above business entities to ensure corporate branding formats and engineering design standards are maintained at the highest level.

We can assist with and/or provide the following:

» Corporate branding strategy and concept design

» Brand identity management

» Signage design and technical specifications

» Site audit documentation and management

» Installation and maintenance training

» Convenience layout and branding standards

» Wayfinding design and implementation

» Services fascia branding decals

» UV and petrol resistant product descriptors and pump decals

» Pump nozzle badges and covers

» Billboard and lubricant promotions


Shell/Vivo Energy Africa

» Project supply, support and liaison for network upgrades in 17 countries to ensure brand conformity and HSSE standards.

» Numerous country specific roll out requirements.

  • Fuel and Lubricant Branding launches.

Shell South Africa

» Evolution Signage roll out (1994 and 2007):

  • Shell Evolution Global design standards involving various design changes requiring Global Design and Standards Centre of Excellence approval (2007).

Shell South Africa & Namibia

» Clean Fuels conversion (2006):

  • Pump type and decal classification for fuel types.
  • Produced and supplied final branding standards for pump decal roll out.

» 530 SA sites (442 Commercial sites and 57 Namibia sites).

Engen IBD (International Business Division)

» Brand implementation with specialised projects across Africa network (13 countries) to ensure brand conformity and HSSE requirements.

» Project and Design Lead for Engen Gatsby roll out (2010):

  • De-branding and Rebranding project in six countries for Engen-acquired Caltex network.
  • These being Mozambique, Malawi, Mauritius, Reunion, Zambia and Zimbabwe.
  • Initial project scope - 117 sites and 62 shops.

» Brand design review for Africa market and cost savings initiatives without compromising product quality.

» Project and Design Lead for Engen IBD Value Engineering Design Review (2016):

  • Review of existing design and manufacturing standards for 5 newly acquired country networks for brand implementation on low level, white site network.
  • Design changes for canopy fascia, prime sign and pole sign alternatives, fuel grade spreaders and shop branding.
  • Cost saving reflected a 31% at site delivered cost.

Engen Mauritius


» Joint venture project implementation plan and scope of works with C-level management and stakeholders for branding conversion of SUSCO to Sinopec service stations in Thailand.

» Site meetings with stakeholders and contractors for pilot site debranding and rebranding scope, including site survey SOW, training and implementation of 5 additional conversion sites.


» New design review for manufacturing and engineering standards for Global market - Workshop help with Puma core team in Geneva (2018).

» Prototype design and development implementation with visual alternatives of Puma signage elements.

» Country visits to the Americas, Australia and Africa markets.

» Design approval with Puma Team and Global standards implementation with rollouts into Australia and Africa markets.


» Saudi Aramco Petro Retail branding and design manual compilation in collaboration with PCA core team and Jacobs Zate (2017).

Naft Saudi Arabia

» Design lead for Visual Identity Guidelines manual (2017):

  • Review and enhancing of existing corporate identity.
  • Full signage portfolio creation (highway and site pylons, canopy fascia, spreaders, oil display unit, pump branding and services fascias).
  • Convenience store branding and layout.

BP South Africa

» BP Ultimate rebranding roll out (2006):

  • 650 sites
  • Pump type and decal classification for fuel types.
  • Produced final artwork for pump decals.

Engineering design/

Technical drawing

Shell/Vivo Energy Africa

» Engineering design support for specialised projects deliverable across the Africa network:

  • Modular Lubrication Bay design for container shipment across network.
  • 15M Highway Pylon for container shipment across network.

» Client liaison at Country and Headquarters level on Engineering design and Projects.

» Select shops refurbishment and upgrades:

  • Created and developed modular systems for end to end supply of shop system and refrigeration for Africa network.

Shell South Africa

» Evolution Signage roll out (2007):

  • Technical design and evaluation of signage imported from PCA Group for Shell SA, including design changes such as:
  • Poster in monolith: Reverse printing (using solvent based inkjet technology) on Avery MPI 2040 MPI 2041. Transparent and then laminate the material using diffuser film 5130, 30% diffusion.
  • Floating acrylic: Instead of bonding acrylic to aluminium, it needed to be free floating. This was implemented in all poster unit types, monolith and flag signs where acrylic faces were originally bonded to aluminium. Later implemented tempered glass to replace acrylic.
  • Monolith and flag base plate structural design change to SABS standards.
  • Flag sign pole to head structural design change: Flag sign structural design revised due to failure.
  • Poster unit hinge design change: Increased hinge size and mounting method.
  • Poster unit door restraint: Added door restraint to poster unit to stop damage to hinges.
  • Recommended fixings on all components to be jig/cnc drilled for consistency in replacement part. Above changes required Global approval, which was handled by Wong Chee Foo through PCA Group.

Engen IBD (International Business Division)

» Engineering and design team lead for Gatsby re-invigorate project in Africa (2011).

» Design of a modular canopy fascia with LED illuminated blue line, to adapt to the variety of canopies in newly acquired networks.

» Engineering design of a modular 'on-site assembly' entrance portico, to ensure brand conformity for the Engen Quickshop standards.

» Engineering design for a modular 12m Super Wing Highway pylon to be delivered in 2 x 40' Containers for on-site assembly.

» Engineering and design team lead for Value Engineering Design Review for Africa (2016) - up to 30% cost savings.


» Operations at Country and Headquarters level on Engineering design and Projects.


» Operations at Country and Headquarters level on Engineering design and Projects.

Petromin Saudi Arabia

» Operations at Country and Headquarters level on Engineering design and Projects.

BP South Africa

» BP Ultimate upgrade (2006-2008):

  • Technical design and supply of engineering signage drawings.
  • Pylon to include LED pricing unit.
  • Non illuminated Ultimate branded spreader over pumps on columns.
  • Fuel grade leaderboard design for pump islands.

Sasol South Africa

» Technical design and supply of engineering drawings for Sasol site and Shop image

(2008) including:

  • Conversion of pylon to full LED illumination.
  • Design of 800mm deep square wing building facade with shop fascia panels.
  • Design of LED illuminated canopy clip logo with blue LED canopy edge stripe.
  • Conversion of column cladding and entry signs to full LED illumination.
  • Design of domed non illuminated fuel grades and island numbering.

» Project value ZAR 158,000.

Site surveys/Training

Shell/Vivo Energy Africa

» Site evaluation and surveys for network upgrades in all countries.

» Installation training for site branding and shop layout.

» Localised signage and shop system installation and maintenance training for approved contractors.

Shell South Africa

» Evolution project (2007/8):

  • Training of all appointed rigging crews for Shell Evolution installation methods and HSSE practices.

Shell South Africa & Namibia

» Clean Fuels conversion (2006):

  • Completed site surveys.
  • 530 SA sites (442 Commercial sites and 57 Namibia sites).

Engen IBD

» Full site surveys of acquired network (117 sites and 62 shops)

with PMC teams for Gatsby roll out (2010).

» Localised training for installation and network maintenance.


» Compiled survey document for full site surveys of 5 x SUSCO

sites, including implementation and training for future site

conversions in Thailand.

» Oversaw on-site signage installation process and conducted

site safety training for live site conversion to new branding


Sasol South Africa

» Sasol signage for roll out to 70 sites (2008/9):

  • Training and implementation of signage installation standards.

BP South Africa

» BP Ultimate upgrade (2008):

  • Completed site surveys for various projects, specifically Flute and Ultimate rebranding programmes.

Project management

Shell South Africa

» Canal Walk shop upgrade (2009):

  • KDR site shop, removal and gutting of internal structure to new layout, structural and electrical conversion.
  • Cost of works ZAR 946,000.

» Evolution project (2008):

  • Project Management for RVI Evolution signage upgrade roll out of Western Cape region sites.
  • 34 sites. Cost of works ZAR 16.2 million.
  • Procurement of Evolution signage from PCA Group, Malaysia. Procurement value ZAR 37.6 million.

Shell South Africa & Namibia

» Clean Fuels conversion (2006):

  • Estimated quantities and procured/distribution for roll out over network.
  • 530 SA sites (442 Commercial sites and 57 Namibia sites).


» Ratchadapisek (Thailand), rebranding of SUSCO site (2023):

  • Project Manager for site conversion.
  • Co-ordinated shipping logistics for deliverables signage.
  • Full site management to ensure project timelines are met.
  • Project snagging and sign-off with all stakeholders to ensure site opening deadline.

Sasol South Africa

» Kleinmond, NTI site (2009):

  • Project Manager for new site.
  • Full site build from initial earthworks to handover (end-end process). Cost of works ZAR 5 million.

» Tendering and Procurement of Sasol signage for roll out to 70 sites (2008/9):

  • Project Manager for signage supply. Project budget value ZAR 45.6 million.

BP South Africa

» BP Ultimate upgrade (2008):

  • Procure signage and project manage installation to 5 off pilot sites prior to
  • December holiday break.
  • Estimated quantities and procured/distribution for rollout over network.



Vivo Energy

Shell SA


Puma Energy



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